My work

My work revolves around my passion for technology, sport and sustainable agriculture.

Owino Solutions:

In a bid to get several individuals and organisations in Uganda online, I founded Owino Solutions Ltd (OSL), an ICT firm that advises our clients on their web presence. OSL’s approach is to seamlessly integrate a range of new, innovative and culturally relevant technologies alongside traditional marketing methods to create fresh and cohesive web and multi-media campaigns. We specialise in feature-rich website development and maintenance, digital media and cross-platform marketing campaigns for Africa.

Kawowo Sports Media:

As a huge sports fan, I was not comfortable with the dearth of local sports content in the main stream media. Kawowo Sports marries my passion for internet solutions and local sports. We strictly focus on local events and tournaments and promote our own stars; tell our own stories – contributing our share in the global information pool. Founded in 2011, Kawowo Sports Media has now grown to be East Africa’s biggest sports news website with a deliberate focus on local content.

I’m striving every day to play my part in the solutions required for the several problems that afflict Uganda and Africa. I’m always happy to share the little I have learnt throughout my short journey in business and entrepreneurship. In the same vein, I am eager to grasp any opportunity to learn more. Let’s connect!