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Suddenly all my phones (I confess I maintain more than one phone line!) started going off with numerous notifications in the wee hours of Thursday February, 18th 2016. Someone told me: "The entire internet is off in the ...

Uganda’s social media and mobile money blockage takes us several steps back

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Writing about Uganda’s national netball side stirs a lot of emotions in me. These are ladies who, against all odds, qualified and did a fantastic job in the 2015 world cup. To give a little context, the She Cranes were ...

Beyond effusive Uganda She Cranes tweets, here is how you can help

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About a week ago, my wife sent me a link to a New Vision story about how Ugandan youth had developed an app to “aid interaction with the president”. I laughed it off and bookmarked for later reading. With my schedules ...

Why Uganda does not need an app to reach the President

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NTV Uganda sought my thoughts on how social media users end up having their private accounts hijacked. The final version aired is mundane as parts of the interview were cut out. Many times, we erroneously think that our ...

Interview on NTV Uganda about social media account hijacks

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