February 18th, 2016

Uganda’s social media and mobile money blockage takes us several steps back

Suddenly all my phones (I confess I maintain more than one phone line!) started going off with numerous notifications in the wee hours of Thursday February, 18th 2016. Someone told me: “The entire internet is off in the whole country”. It turns out the Uganda Communications Commission had blocked access to the main social media platforms, in this case Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter....

August 19th, 2015

Beyond effusive Uganda She Cranes tweets, here is how you can help

Writing about Uganda’s national netball side stirs a lot of emotions in me. These are ladies who, against all odds, qualified and did a fantastic job in the 2015 world cup.

To give a little context, the She Cranes were just like any other unknown struggling (they still are struggling) sports outfit in Uganda until they reached the World Cup and we all started posting effusive messages on...